Jun 22 2014

Labour and sex trafficking investigations drop in Cyprus


By Stefanos Evripidou

CYPRUS remains a source and destination country for men and women subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking, the US State Department said in its 2014 global trafficking report, released yesterday.

Despite efforts to meet minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, the Cypriot government did not demonstrate an overall increase in those efforts compared to the previous reporting period, keeping Cyprus on the Tier 2 Watch List.

On the contrary, investigations into trafficking, prosecutions and convictions fell by more than half on all counts.

Victims of trafficking identified in Cyprus came from Europe, Asia and Africa, said the report, noting that women, primarily from eastern Europe, Vietnam, India, and sub-Saharan Africa, are subjected to sex trafficking. read the full story here


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Jun 06 2014

Street Festival in Nicosia 18 th of June

On the occasion of World Refugee Day 2014, Future Worlds Center, in cooperation with Cypriot and Refugee communities in Cyprus, is organizing a STREET FESTIVAL on 18/06/2014, between 18:00 to 22:00 at Faneromeni square, old Nicosia. It aims to celebrate and tο support the cultural diversity brought by the refugee communities in Cyprus and promote solidarity between the host society and the refugee communities.

The Street Festival will include:

• Art & craft exhibition from both Cypriot and Refugee communities
• Ethnic food
• Kids’ corner
• Info stands by participating civil society organisations & independent authorities.
• Music (DJ Claudio)


Στα πλαίσια της Παγκόσμιας Ημέρας Προσφύγων 2014, ο οργανισμός Future Worlds Center, σε συνεργασία με κοινότητες Κυπρίων και Προσφύγων στη Κύπρο, διοργανώνει ένα ΦΕΣΤΙΒΑΛ ΔΡΟΜΟΥ στις 18.06.2014, μεταξύ 18:00 – 22:00, στην Πλατεία Φανερωμένης, στην παλιά Λευκωσία. Ο στόχος της πρωτοβουλίας είναι να γιορτάσει και να στηρίξει τη διαπολιτισμική διάσταση της Κυπριακής κοινωνίας που οφείλεται στην παρουσία των προσφυγικών κοινοτήτων, καθώς και να προωθήσει την αλληλεγγύη μεταξύ τους.

Το Φεστιβάλ Δρόμου θα περιλαμβάνει:

• Χειροτεχνίες από τις Κυπριακές και Προσφυγικές κοινότητες,
• Παραδοσιακά φαγητά
• Παιδική γωνιά
• Ενημερωτικά περίπτερα (information stands) από διάφορες μη κυβερνητικές οργανώσεις και ανεξάρτητες αρχές.
• Μουσική (DJ Claudio)

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Apr 09 2014

Art Workshop in Limassol 23.-25.5.2014

Hearts alive: Art Workshop 23.-25.5.2014 in Limassol

We were born to create! We were not meant to just survive, but to live with hearts fully alive. Hearts that are beating with the heartbeat of Heaven, and bringing Heaven on earth!

God created us in His image and He is the Creator. So we were born to create with Him too. Many of us have buried our hearts and with it our creativity. There is a way to get your heart back to life again!

In this workshop we give the Holy Spirit room to breath life into our hearts and bring back whatever was stolen or lost from us. We have teaching about creativity with God and then we practice different kind of prophetic arts to get the flow going. Creativity does not include only arts but when the creative river flows freely in your life, it goes into every area of your life and you can also express God to this world in creative ways that surpass the mind and go straight into the heart.


More info: info@midwayhome.org

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Apr 08 2014

Swedish anti trafficking model gets support

Laws and policies on prostitution are indispensable anti-trafficking tools

With 84% of trafficking victims in Europe subjected to sexual exploitation, the PACE has pinpointed legislation and policies on prostitution as indispensable anti-trafficking tools, given the obvious close link between trafficking in human beings and prostitution.

The parliamentarians acknowledge that it is difficult, though, to propose a single model of prostitution regulations that would fit all member States. The resolution adopted today points out that, depending on the countries, prostitution legislation and policies range from legalisation to criminalisation, with a number of systems combining the two approaches to varying degrees. But, following the conclusions of the rapporteur, José Mendes Bota (Portugal, EPP/CD), the Assembly stated that criminalising the purchase of sexual services, based on the Swedish model, appears as the most effective tool for combating trafficking in human beings

The PACE also calls for research and data collection on prostitution and trafficking in all Council of Europe member States.

original article: http://assembly.coe.int/nw/xml/News/News-View-EN.asp?newsid=4964&cat=8


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Apr 01 2014

Why are men buying sex?

Men of all ages, races, religions, and backgrounds do it. Rich men do it, and poor men do it, in forms so varied and ubiquitous that they can be summoned at a moment’s notice.


And yet buying sex is so pervasive that Farley’s team had a shockingly difficult time locating men who really don’t do it. The use of pornography, phone sex, lap dances, and other services has become so widespread that the researchers were forced to loosen their definition in order to assemble a 100-person control group.


Read more:



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